Wednesday, February 13, 2013

College fears

Wow! It has definitely been awhile! Almost a full year, thank you to my followers for sticking around! College Tests, did I pass? Applications, did I get in? Schools, which one to choose? Dorms, why so small? Stress, why so high? Students, will anyone be my friend? Professor, will they teach me, what I need to know? Class work, will I have anytime for other things? Fun, is there such a thing? Mom, why do I have to leave? Home, why are you so comforting? Family, will I be missed? Friends, will you visit? I am sad to have to leave! Will a new adventure be waiting for me?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Way Daddy Danced

His hands clenched to mine, with a stern and loving grip.
The lines on his face told his story.
His soul was the ocean; much larger and deeper than those around him could see.
Yet only his feet much mattered to me. He was my first kiss, my first dance, the first man I chose to marry. The first to hold me in his arms, the man whos wounds I carry.
We had a lot of ups & downs, both so much alike, but... when we stepped to the ripening beat, evrything felt right.
He was the man I wished to find, a man so stern and tall, one who loved unconditionally, but one who could dance most of all.
My mother died at 38, father did the best he could do, before he passed he asked me, ' what I wanted most of all.' I simply said, one last dance with you! ) ♥ This is to all those girls that love their dads!

He Will Never Know It Was Him

He will never know,
The way my heart races every time he speaks,
The way he makes me smile, and sends a red flourish through my cheeks.
The way I can’t help wanting him,
Even though I know it’s not right.
He will never know,
The way he brings me up every time we speak,
and kills me deep inside every time he leaves.
The way it hurts me to see him in pain,
Though he hurts me time and time again.
He will never know,
The way I felt and still feel,
The way every second I imagined with him felt so real.
The way he will always hold a piece of my heart,
But I must let him go.
He will never know,
My morals keep me strong,
When my heart makes me blind.
No matter how hard it may be,
I have to keep my expectations in mind.

Monday, June 27, 2011

I have no heart

I am surrounded by strangers, yet I know them,

No one can understand how I feel, but they keep trying.

I wish they would leave, but I want them near,

My mind is lies unmade and these words stand unclear.

The one's I loved have vanished, the one's I cared for have died,

My heart no longer beats with passion, it is a hollow organ that lives inside.

I am a statue on this earth, no matter how much love is fed to me

My heart is an isolated piece of rock, and I make my way alone.

Those around me are treated with hate and disgust,

I am blind to those that care, and to the words they speak.

The one's I loved have vanished, the one's I cared for have died,

My heart no longer beats with passion, it is a hollow organ that lives inside.

I only find hate in those around me,

And the world in which I survive.

Confession does not appeal to me,

I leave these thoughts locked in my mind.

The one's I loved have vanished, the one's I cared for have died,

My heart no longer beats with passion, it is a hollow organ that lives inside.

I have secrets that will never be told, stories that will never be shared,

The day my body is taken above will be the day I find love.

If you truly care, then pray for me,

I cannot stand another lonely night, I want to die soon.

The one's I loved have vanished, the one's I cared for have died,

My heart no longer beats with passion; it is a hollow organ that lives inside.

Personality in Writing

Just as paint and a brush cannot make a masterpiece, it takes someone special, to use a pencil and a piece of paper, to create a story. Whether in a story, script, poem, or letter, a good writer can portray their personality in their written piece, allowing the reader to feel as if they know the author themselves. Personality is a very important role in writing, because not only can the reader feel closer to being a part of the story, but they can also feel closer to the author themselves. If not in the authors head, the reader may feel as if they are having a conversation with them. Just as your personality helps you make friends, I also feel that the relationship between the reader and writer is tightly bonded by similar personalities. Why is a good relationship important in the writing field? Well, as I have found personally and among my peers, readers often read all of their favorite author's written pieces. Therefore, not only does the authors personality, build a better picture throughout their written piece, but also helps build a better relationship and clientele for the author to base their career upon. In my opinion, Stephanie Meyer has become one of the new bestselling authors because of the great use of personality in her writing. When reading her book, Twilight, I not only felt like the author/narrator, but I could relate to the character, and often felt myself captured into the life the character lives. Of course, Stephanie Meyer didn't date a vampire, but by allowing her own personality to live inside the main character, Bella, any young girl could relate to that character and capture the author's immortal imagination, as well. Who is your favorite author?

Plot elements of the movie: The Runaways

Set up: Cherie Currie is at the stage, in her life, where she pretty much hates her life. She doesn't have any friends, her parents are divorced, and she finds herself following in her sister's footsteps, she wants to be anyone, but herself. While Cherie is looking to find herself, Joan Jett is proving herself to the world.

Joan Jett, is a "Wild One," living on the streets with nothing much, except a guitar and musical talent. She doesn't care what anyone thinks of her now, but she does care, what you will think of her in the future. Joan's goal is to create an all-girl rock band.

Rising Action: Joan Jett is hanging out at a club, when she meets Kim Fowley, record producer. After telling Kim about her plan, to start an all-girl rock band, he seems impressed. Kim introduces Joan to Sandy West (female drummer) and tells them to call him when they have a song together. Soon, Joan and Sandy have a song, a good bond between them, but Kim Fowley finds there is still one thing missing, a lead singer, the band's mascot, a blonde. While Joan is following and creating her dream, Cherie is getting a new attitude, and with that comes a new look. Her look is just what Kim Fowley wants, after discovering her in a club, Kim sets Cherie up for an audition.

Recognition: Cherie gets into the band with her audition song as "Cherry bomb," one of the most famous songs by the Runaways, and a song written about her. The all-girl band starts out, doing concerts at parties around town, they soon go nationwide, and finally they're on their way to Japan. Cherie, Joan, and the other Runaways, are now young girls addicted to music, fame, drugs, and sex. As Joan finds herself doing just what she had always dreamed of, Cherie is caught fighting the consequences of leaving her family, publicizing her sexuality, and being addicted to drugs.

Climax: After two years in the band, Cherie finds herself at a hard point in her life. The one person she truly cares about, Joan Jett is disgusted with Cherie's behavior. A magazine photoshoot of Cherie, posing almost nude, creates the public spectacle of the Runaways, as "Cherie and Sex" instead of "Cherie and a band of talented girls." Joan's dream to change the Rock and Roll vision on women seems to be destroyed. Now Cherie's longtime relationship with Joan is over, her fame is gone, and her only hope,2 is to get back with her family, but she has to fight one of the hardest fights of her life, first. She has to fight her addiction to drugs. At the point of life and death, Cherie gets her life straightened out, goes to a rehab center, builds a relationship with her sister again, and starts her life over. Joan Jett moves on from the Runaways, goes back to living life on the streets, and then picks herself and her talent up again.

Denouement: After many years apart, Joan and Cherie come back in contact with eachother. Cherie lives in California as a Chainsaw artist, Joan Jett is now in a band called Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, and they both came together to help create the movie, The Runaways!

Don't underestimate a mailman

The evening sun, reflected a gold path across the rapid waves. The seagulls overhead,

depicted the most suttle touch to the scenery. Dave, the mailman, was on his way to the last

delivery of the night. It was almost 6 o'clock, off the Seattle coast, the back roads reflected

childhood memories in the back of Dave's mind. The mailtruck slowly pulled up to the silver mailbox.

Dave didn't have any idea, that, that one single letter, wrapped in a pale-white envelope and

red cursive letters, would prove to be a very important step in his life. Just as Dave put

the red flag up, a young girl ran out the farm door of her house. The girl introduced

herself as Lily, her toothless smile shining bright, and handed Dave the yellow envelope.

Before skipping back to the house, Lily leaned up close( motioning for Dave to bend down so

she could tell him something), and asked Dave to promise and deliver the letter to her friend.

Dave couldn't help, but smile, as he looked at the little girl skip towards home. Written in a

a purple marker were the words: MRS. TOOTH FAIRY. at TOOTH FAIRY'S PALACE.

The next morning, Dave saw a pale-white envelope with red letters, he smiled and

started driving toward his first delivery. Day-after-day, Dave continued to deliver the

pale-white envelope and replaced it with the bright yellow envelope. Soon, him and lily

were great friends. Dave learned that Lily lived with her foster parents and had two imaginary

friends, Maggie and Gabriel. She also explained, when she grew up, she wanted to meet the

tooth fairy and tell her how appreciative she was to finally have such a great and loyal friend!

For many more months, Dave continued to explore the imagination of the little girl, but he knew it had to end soon.

Her tenth birthday was coming up,and her teeth were not the only thing maturing, she was

beginning to understand life in a more adequate manner.

It was mid-September, the clouds overhead were glum and the day seemed to drag on and on.

Dave slowly looked through his crate, his life was normal, but yet that missing letter felt like

a missing piece of life itself. Lily's smile came back to is mind, he couldn't leave his friend w

waiting. The next morning, Dave drove up the back dirt road and stopped at a familiar cobblestone drive.

Hidden in the bushes beside the rode, was a little girl in a black dress, sat in the foggy

mist, filling her dress with a puddle of tears and blackberry juice. Dave's arms surrounded the

litle girl in a big hug, he may be just a mailman, but that little girl and the white letter

had given his job purpose for many months. While Lily explained the tragedy of finding her

foster mom in the middle of signing the pale-white envelope, she had for so many years, believed,

belonged to her beloved friend the tooth fairy. In the middle of sobbing, Lily explained that she

didn't have any friends now. The only thing that could get her to smile was a piece of childhood,

a friend, a magical being. Dave leaned down, kissed the top of her head and whispered a secret

in Lily's ear, that she would remember forever. Dave told her, he wasn't just a mailman, he was a magical being. Dave was Lily's friend!